Anonymous: 2 questions: what do you think that will determinate bethyl happening in season 5? // 2. Do you think a kiss is possible in season 5? (if Kirkman decides their relationship isn't ambiguous anymore)

I think that once they reunite, the dynamic they adapt to with the rest of the group being around them will be a big determining factor in how slowly or quickly they get together or if they get together in season 5 at all.  Daryl made so much progress emotionally because he was alone with her. He finds his worth in others and seeing himself completely in Beth sped up their relationship and got him to the point of comfort that he was right before Beth was taken; where he just laid out some major feelings for her to take up or reject. Beth being taken and then the guilt with the claimers and what they were going to do to Rick, Carl and Michonne plus whatever happens at Terminus will make Daryl take a few steps back from all the ones he took forward thanks to Beth. So Beth getting him to open up again and get to that place where they left off will be what will make them happen.

Do I think they’ll kiss? Well, Kirkman said that we will find out where their relationship stands so a good way for things not to be ambiguous between them is for them to kiss. I couldn’t guess if they are or not. I would say they aren’t but then look at all the wonderful stuff we got in 4B that we were NOT in a million years expecting. So Gimple could surprise us again. My own theory is that Daryl and Beth are going to be the show’s version of Rick and Andrea in the comics and with Rick and Andrea, they do kiss first (before their relationship is established and I believe during the trip to DC which is roughly where this season will take place) and then they start getting into the drama of their relationship with Rick telling her he couldn’t lose her too and Andrea saying they deserve to be happy (all these things sound very bethyl to me). So I think it’s totally possible if they decide to move the relationship in that way and if they have the time to do it with all the other drama going on. 

First though, they need to find each other. 

Anonymous: Hi! Do you think Norman has fought against c*ryl happening? Reading some of his interviews, I always get the impression that he was always fighting it and didn't like the idea of it in the first place.

I think Norman has just fought against a romance happening just for the sake of romance. He’s always had such a clear vision of who Daryl is as a character and he would never allow anything to happen to Daryl that would damage his characterization. I don’t think he fought against c*ryl specifically but I think he fought against THAT storyline, if that makes sense. He just had a different idea for romance in mind and fought to make it happen. No one knows Daryl better than Norman does. :) 


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  • emma: killian?
  • emma: *knock knock knock-knock knock*
  • emma: do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiic?
  • emma: come on just look my waaaaay
  • emma: we're never flirting anymore
  • emma: come out the door
  • emma: it's like you've gone awaaaaaay
  • emma: we used to be so flirty
  • emma: and now we're not
  • emma: i wish you would tell me whyyyyyyyyyyy
  • emma: do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiiic?
  • emma: it doesn't have to be my magiiiiiiiiiic
  • hook: bad form, swan
  • emma: okay byeeeeeeee
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make me choose → anonymous asked peter pan or zelena ?

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In the last pic though

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